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it's time

Sorry this come so late, I know I haven't posted for several months and I apologise. However, because of real life and things, this situation will continue. I haven't been able to make graphics for so long and I believe my skills definitely go downwards. So I'm going to put on official hiatus from now on. I just want to say a big THANK YOU for everyone who doesn't abandon this comm., thank you so much! I will come back, I promise, because making graphics is always a big part of my life that I just couldn't throw it away.

Apologies again for being so dump and throwing a big bunch of icons that mostly come from challenges, and most of them are really quite rubbish.

[39]Emma Watson & Harry Potter
[42]Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson & Twilight
[24]The Vampire Diaries
TOTAL: 146


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i can only see you

Icons for twi20in20 finally!
My claim is Alice/Jasper♥
I didn't make too many icons of them, and I'm glad I pick them this time, I have so much fun with them and because many blending is needed, I'll consider this time as a practice of blendingXD

[20] Alice/Jasper icons(Ashley Greene/Jackson Rathbone)
[14] Alternatives


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love is not the answer

My first ever entry for 20 in 20 community. I have fun with these, but I have a difficult time to choose the suitable one for the themes. Ugh, I still have icon to made for twi20in20, but I'm already exhausted.

Icons made for kstew20in20

[20] Kristen Stewart(including Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner)
[6] Alternatives(Kristen Stewart)


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Eclipse review

Yeah, so I watched Eclipse two days before and I wrote a review of it.
If you're interested in, you could go here:D
And, I know I've been pimping battlecalling for several times, but I really need your help to fill in this poll and help me pimp it out! I'll owe you a lot!

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a long time, but believe me, I've got a bunch of icons waiting to be post. Just be patient, ok? I love you!
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Hello there little poll:D

Hey, I'd like to make some wallpapers when I come back, so I hope you could fill this out:)
I'll make wallpapers in the size that most people are using.

What's you're monitor(s) resolution?

others (please tell in comments:D)

Thank you so much!

And, I never get tired to promote my new baby, battlecalling, a new community for you to post icon/grapic battles and call for one!
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100+ watchers!

I'm too lazy to make a banner forgive me
DLFJWOFJSKJSF 100+ watchers!!
Thank you so so much!
I'm going to be busy, well actually I'm already busy, because of another exam, so I won't be posting graphics lately. But, if you guys are interested in requesting psds of my icons, you're more than welcome to do so! So, you could say I'm now opening requests of psds! I'll give up to 5 psds, if you want to know how I achieve some colourings, now it's a chance for you to ask! I hope I'll have time to hold a requests for graphics later when I'm free:)

5/5 psds